Boom Beach: Frontlines Prepares To Blow Up Mobiles With A Canadian Launch and Pre-registration

Get a look at Boom Beach: Frontlines as it prepares to blow onto mobiles worldwide, starting in Canada.

Space Ape Games and mobile giant Supercell have just published a closer look at their 9v9 multiplayer team action game, Boom Beach: Frontlines. This new entry in the Boom Beach franchise just got a new trailer today as this frantic online mobile action title begins storming Canadian shores as part of a soft launch. While that might seem a little limited, the rest of us can prepare for this explosive new title by adding our name to the recruitment roster over to the official Boom Beach: Frontlines pre-registration page. Space Ape hasn’t confirmed whether pre-registration will get you any in game benefits as yet, but if you want to see what you’ll be signing up for then I’d suggest checking out the trailer that just dropped too.

Whether you love sand or hate it, you can channel that anger into victory when the latest iteration in the Boom Beach series hits iOS and Android devices sometime soon. For those mobile commanders already on the frontlines, there’s plenty to get invested in. Playing together, teams of comrades can enter a battlefield to level up their HQ to unlock new troops and expand the very loadouts they take into active combat. With a broad range of units, plenty of upgrades, and a bunch of other players to coordinate, it should take more than just a whale or two to win this war. As you’ll see from the new teaser, tactics are just as important as firepower, with tons of playstyles and real time threats to take down on the move.

We suspect that competition in this new area is going to be fierce. It’s bad enough in traditional 5v5 MOBAs. If you are looking forward to trying out the utter chaos that is likely to ensue, then head over to the Boom Beach: Frontlines website now for more information and pre-registration.

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