Brazil Games GDC 2019 Reel

Brazil Games has assembled a troupe of 120 talented industry professionals from over 47 different video game businesses to showcase their passion, ingenuity and digital arts prowess for the world to see.

Brazil Games, a partnership between Brazilian Game Companies Association, ABRAGAMES, and Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency), was created with the goal to promote the Brazilian gaming industry and enable its worldwide success. They have formed a vast network of video game businesses specialized in a wide spectrum of disciplines including software and external development for consoles, mobile, PC, VR, Liveops, PR/marketing, transmedia, audio and indie game design.

“The recognition our studios and developers are receiving is absolutely indicative of the investment we put in our products, our country, and each other. We are extremely happy to be able to share the success of our companies with the world and create strong, lasting relationships with the international gaming community€, says Eliana Russi, Brazil Games executive director.

13 companies from the Brazilian Games delegation will be present at GDC Play this year. The following games will be available to demo under the Brazil Games umbrella at GDC Play:

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