Dark Envoy Previewed Patch 1.3

Dark Envoy Patch 1.3 Preview

Tactical RPG Dark Envoy is preparing for a major patch 1.3, coming some time next week. Developer Event Horizon shared a series of previews to bring players up to speed on this new update. The team is addressing the issues reported by players, making adjustments to the game balance, and introducing new challenges for the more seasoned players.

In Preview 1, the devs shared the first look at some of the aforementioned challenges: exploding drones testing players’ crowd control, powerful krannite troops that might require kiting, a neverending meteor shower, and a few encounters meant for a level capped party. However, there is nothing stopping you from attempting these challenges earlier if you are so sure in your abilities!

In the second preview, the team showed off some of the improvements requested by players. In patch 1.3, Training Room will allow you to test your resilience against brand-new attack dummies. Event Horizon is also improving animations, including updating the running animation.

“We didn’t just change the visual aspect of the animations; we also changed how they function. In Patch 1.3, we enhanced the responsiveness of the animations to provide a more fluid gaming experience for players. Now, characters won’t need to finish the entire animation to complete before before they can perform another action.”

Other QoL changes include minor updates to the UI. Among other things, players will be able to choose the order of team members and compare items at the shop with other characters in the team. There are also slights changes to the character’s inventory UI, where you can now see the current weight of the items.

In the latest third preview, the team focused on the new exciting features coming to your adventures. That includes new unique weapons that come with special weapon skills. They will be available as a reward for completing challenges in the arena.

Additionally, the developers are updating random dungeons. You can expect new biomes, minibosses, and a new random event.

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