Defiance 2050 Packed with Mayhem & Mutiny

Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 players will soon descend into Mayhem & Mutiny thanks to the arrival of the annual event. During M&M, players will find colossal Arkfalls appearing across the entirety of the game world. The event will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One from now through September 28th.

Players can also look forward to special Pursuits as well as Daily and Weekly contracts. During the last M&M event, players were able to work through a new Pursuit to earn a special title. Players completing Daily and Weekly contracts received crafting materials needed to create a Legendary weapon alongside an essence fusion and a Reputation boost.

M&M Caches were also available during the past event. These were found in the game store as well as from vendors throughout the game world. Each cache could contain one of the following: Weapon or Mod, the chance at a Prime Precision weapon, one of the event-specific weapons, or a Replication Crystal.

Players turned Ark Hunters may choose from an array of fully customizable equipment, explore a unique open world, and seek fame and fortune in a compelling sci-fi narrative. They can craft an individual character thanks to a myriad of different class-, weapon-, and upgrade combinations that help them face the challenges of the massive Arkfalls occurring during the Mayhem and Mutiny Event.

Check out the Defiance 2050 official site to learn more.

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