Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 Packed with Mayhem & Mutiny

Defiance 2050 players will soon descend into Mayhem & Mutiny thanks to the arrival of the annual event. During M&M, players will find colossal Arkfalls appearing across the entirety of the gam...


Gamigo Community Celebrates 111,000 Future Trees

The community of players in gamigo’s stable of games has been instrumental in raising funds for the Eden Reforestation Project. With the monies raised, Eden Reforestation will be able to plant 1...

Defiance 2050 – Take Two

It’s been about three weeks since Defiance 2050 entered headstart. In that time, I have capped out my Ego at level 50, maxed out most of the classes (Assassin, why do I hate you so much?), run t...

7 Good

Defiance 2050 – Review In Progress

There seems to be three types of MMORPGs being developed right now. First, you have all those crowd-funded titles to toss your money at with the hopes that the dev team can deliver on all their promis...

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