Diablo IV Shared Book of Lorath – Episode 2: Sanctuary

Developer Blizzard Entertainment continues with the lore-oriented Diablo IV video series titled Book of Lorath. The first entry was dedicated to the very beginning: the creation of the Burning Hells and the High Heavens. The second video focuses on Sanctuary. The narration introduces viewers to Inarius and Lilith and their bold plan to escape the Eternal Conflict.

“Now let us speak of the creation of Sanctuary, and our creators, Inarius and Lilith. Angel and demon. Father and Mother. And the Eternal Conflict that rages ceaselessly in each of us.”

The Book of Lorath slowly and meticulously retells the story of the Diablo franchise, including the bits that could only be learned if you delved deep into lore or purchased additional materials for the game. As the series rolls out, it will bring players to the current timeline: 50 years after The Reaper of Souls. While it has been some time since Archangel Malthael’s crusade against the mortals of Sanctuary, the world has not yet totally healed from that tragedy.

And it is in this fragile and broken state that Inarius and Lilith, the father and mother of Sanctuary, return. And that return may not mean the best for humanity, despite the distant familial connection.  The two will once again cross paths, and what was built is now at risk of destruction.

If you prefer gameplay to story, Blizzard also shared the launch trailer giving a look at what awaits you when you choose your class, brandish a weapon of choice and take a stand against the hellish hordes. Check out the official site to find out more.

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