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DOOM Eternal

The DOOM Eternal Reddit has been updated with a letter from the development team to speak to the community about what has passed and what lies ahead. The letter begins with a brief note of thanks to the community for all of its support of the game as well as an acknowledgment of the difficulties of developing a game remotely for over the past ten months. From there, the note moves on to what players can expect in the months ahead.

Looking ahead to next year, we remain ambitious. Our second expansion, The Ancient Gods – Part Two, will deliver an epic combination of the story we started way back with DOOM (2016), so we can’t wait for you to experience all that we have packed into that. In addition to updates like full next-gen support, Switch campaign expansions, and other general additions and improvements, our road map for next year also represents a commitment to providing more ways to enjoy the game with your friends. Work continues on our Invasion mode, as well as BATTLEMODE additions like new maps, playable demons, and a revamped competitive structure. We’ve seen tremendous growth in our social communities this year like our official Discord channel, our community-run Spicy Demons BATTLEMODE Discord channel, and the Slayers Club. We are excited to support and grow these tremendous communities throughout 2021 with new social features, modes, and content that can be enjoyed for many years ahead. If you’re already part of these communities, thank you – you often feel like an extension of our team and we really appreciate all you bring to the game. If you’re not but are looking for great information or similarly skilled players to compete with, please check out these awesome resources.

Check out the DOOM Eternal Reddit to learn more.

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