El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Is Coming Tyo Stadia

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is coming to Google’s Stadia Game Streaming Stadia.

The old west isn’t exactly the first place you’d want to grow up as a child and it looks like the team behind El Hijo – A Wild West Tale agree to as a new trailer and new of a Google Stadia debut has appeared. Set out in the early days of America, El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is a story on one child’s bid for freedom from the harsh life they encounter. Armed only with a slingshot, stone, and trick toys you need to flee the dangers that the wild west presents.

Quietly Quietly

In order to prepare us for this adventure, HandyGames, a part of the THQ Nordic and Embracer Group, has dropped a teaser trailer for this outing. Anybody with a Chrome browser will be able to make their way through the isometric west on display, navigating h dark monastery corners, parched deserts, and lawless boomtowns. There’s plenty to discover and the trailer gives players a glimpse of the suspicious monks, dangerous bandits, and mischievous desperadoes that await too.

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is very clearly a violence free game that relies on strategy and stealth more than coming out swinging. That is understandable, however. The main protagonist is 6 years old and as our hero uses the shadows to their advantage, you’ll find various twists on familiar mechanics that are often a product of the challenging and increasingly dangerous environments that the 6-year-old must traverse to reach his ultimate goal. If you fancy a ride out into the west that isn’t as unforgivingly brutal as Red Dead Redemption’s latest adventure then check out the trailer for El Hijo – A Wild West Tale before it arrives on Google Stadia, and on PC via Steam, sometime in the near future. Alternatively, find out more on the official website now.


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