ESO Introduces Updated Tutorial System & Rockgrove Trial

ESO Introduces Updated Tutorial System & Rockgrove Trial

The developers of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online have taken to the official site to introduce players to the updated tutorial experience for all new characters coming as a part of Update 30. Previously, when you created a new character, you’d need to complete the tutorial related to the most recent Chapter that you own. Now, all ESO players will have the same universal experience, regardless of what versions of the game they own.

The new tutorial will have players start on the mysterious Isle of Balfiera, a small island within the Iliac Bay last seen in The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. Home to ancient Direnni ruins, the isle is beset by dangerous monsters thanks to the appearance of strange portals, and it’s up to you to help the mage Norianwe investigate their emergence—all the while, learning how to play the game!

Once you have completed the tutorial section, you will enter a portal room that grants you access to various starting locations. Note that once you’ve entered a portal, your character can never return to Balfiera.

Meanwhile, veteran adventurers can look forward to racing through the occupied city of Rockgrove and saving the souls of the Ca-Uxith tribe in a new 12-player Trial, arriving soon with the upcoming Blackwood Chapter.

The ancient city of Rockgrove, located in Blackwood’s southern marshlands, has been invaded by a new Daedric cult. Taking no prisoners, they now work to complete a terrible ritual, capturing and controlling the very souls of those who stood in their way.

Battle your way to free the souls of the Ca-Uxith and you’ll earn unique Trial-specific item sets (four in total), Achievements, and collectibles not found anywhere else in Blackwood or Tamriel. These include the Stone-Talker’s Oath set, which allows your fully charged heavy attacks to place a bomb on your enemy that, after 10 seconds, explodes to restore Magicka and Stamina to your teammates.

In addition to the item sets, you can earn some incredible new collectibles by completing the Trial’s Achievements, too, including the Sul-Xan Raider Markings (face and body) and the red-hot Sul-Xan Fleshripper mount.

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