Take On The Enraged Muskan In Black Desert Mobile

Enraged Muskan Black Desert Mobile

Players jumping into Black Desert Mobile look set to face a brand new challenge as a new world boss, titled Engraged Muskan, lands in the mobile MMORPG.

Announced today, just as the hulking monstrosity thumps down into Black Desert Mobile, this new update is just the latest new adventure for heroes in the massive online RPG from Pearl Abyss. Aside from being a cold and indiscriminate killer, this Enraged Muskan fellow is the commander of the Kzarka Shrine Priests, a group willing to do anything to aid Kzarka’s resurrection. This makes the new entry to Black Desert Mobile particularly dangerous and only available to adventurers 45 and above.


While players who take on the new Enraged Muskan will need to make sure to avoid the huge weapons and devastating hits that the Muskan can deal out, there are great rewards to be had. Take on this world boss and there is a chance to loot Muskan’s Shoes and Muskan’s Tokens. In addition to this, Abyssal Relics have also now been added to Black Desert Mobile. Adventurers can now obtain these relics by fighting Difficulty 11 of the Ancient Ruins, which now available in the game. Abyssal Relics can also be crafted using Relic Fragments.

While this is just a couple of new challenges, Black Desert Mobile is a huge game. The mobile port of the Black Desert desktop game launched back in the later stages of 2019 and we were mightly impressed by the engaging combat, fluid graphics, and sheer size of the whole encounter. For those of you that love the MMORPG experience but can’t quite find a good balance between dynamic worlds and autopathig monotony, then Black Desert Mobile and the new Enraged Muskan world boss is worth a look. That is assuming you don’t want to blast off into New Eden already. Find out more about Black Desert Mobile over on the official website and jump in on iOS and Android now.

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