EverQuest II Introduces a Trio of Free and Unique Pride-themed Familiars

EverQuest II Introduces a Trio of Free and Unique Pride-themed Familiars

Darkpaw Games is in a celebratory mood with the arrival of three free Pride-themed familiars in EverQuest II. Players can claim up to three colorfully adorned Mithaniel’s lions from the Marketplace to celebrate Pride Month and the game’s LGBTQIA+ player community. These beauties are available from now through July 9, 2023.

The three Mithaniel lions can be claimed for free from the Marketplace.

  • Mithaniel’s Aceheart Lion
  • Mithaniel’s Freeheart Lion
  • Mithaniel’s Openheart Lion

Check out the EverQuest II official site for more information.

About EverQuest II

EverQuest II is the epitome of massively multiplayer gaming – the ultimate blend of deep features, heritage, and community. Explore an enormous online game where friends come together for adventure and community. Immerse yourself in a living, breathing fantasy world filled with exciting locales, mysterious lore, monsters, gods, and dragons. Vast, beautiful, and dangerous, EverQuest II sets the standard for MMORPG online gaming. EverQuest II is free to play.

Your character. Your story. Your adventure.

  • 125 levels of unparalleled gameplay
  • Strong heritage and lore spanning 18 years and 19 expansions
  • A thriving, friendly community with thousands of guilds
  • Thousands of creatures to battle and quests to complete
  • Hundreds of gorgeous, expansive, and dangerous environments to explore
  • Independently leveled tradeskill system with deep quest lines
  • Full support of different play styles from, including Solo, Group, Raid, and PVP
  • Robust housing system with dozens of styles, thousands of items, ratings, and more

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