Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – The Fate of Atlantis DLC Launch Trailer

Ubisoft has unleashed the launch trailer for the second DLC pack of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Called The Fate of Atlantis, the DLC will release in three separate chapters that will take Kassandra or Alexios through completely new locations.

The first chapter is called Fields of Elysium and will be coming on April 23rd, giving the players the opportunity to venture into the Greek afterlife. The forces of the Isu await amid the otherworldly beauty of the titular paradise. The update will bring the enhanced versions of existing abilities. In Fields of Elysium, these include Ares Bull Charge, Ares Madness, Kronos Time Warp, and Might of Artemis, with more to be added in later episodes.

Players who own the Season Pass or purchase Fate of Atlantis separately can begin the story arc in two different ways: if you’re over level 28, you’ll need to have completed the Between Two Worlds questline, as well as Heir of Memories, the free Lost Tales of Greece questline that follows Between Two Worlds. Alternately, those who want to jump straight to The Fate of Atlantis can take advantage of a shortcut option, enabling them to start with a new hero at level 52, and begin Heir of Memories before tackling Fields of Elysium. However, this option won’t let you carry over your progress to the main campaign, or earn achievements.

The Fate of Atlantis continues with two more episodes, Torment of Hades and Judgment of Atlantis, and will conclude in mid-2019. It follows the first episodic storyline, Legacy of the First Blade, which is available now as part of the Season Pass

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  1. I cherished Odyssey, understanding it was a stride in the right leadership for the streak. Odyssey was little below par compared to previous games nevertheless, I hardly trickle a game I takeoff but afterwards 80 hrs it turn into a annoyance, the game is practically too distended, who need to review finished icons like a absurd man and get clearly usual. That game command like 300+ hours to fully complete by my bumpy appraisal, if completed 100% (only way I roll). It wasn’t alike that acceptable or enjoyable.

  2. What game were you playing? AC: Odyssey is an amazing game, and it’s a huge step in the RIGHT direction. The old Assassin’s Creed games (excluding Origins) felt like sandbox games. The story is AMAZING, the ship battles are Epic, the graphics really immerse you into the game (I play it on a PC on the highest settings).

    I just recently finished the Legacy of the First Blade DLC and really enjoyed it. Some of the choices you make can produce some exciting, epic, and sometimes extremely funny cut scenes (Alexios balling like a baby while Darius shakes his head looking confused, lol). I’m really looking forward to playing this new DLC. I have about 95% completion on the game. Can’t get enough of it.

    I also revisited the older play mechanics for Assassins Creed with Unity (thanks Ubisoft), and while the core of the game still makes the game enjoyable, it’s really difficult to go back to that way of playing now that AC: Odyssey has been introduced and really made the game Open World, which is the way to go now.

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