Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition to get new features soon

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

Final Fantasy Players of the world rejoice! Well if you’re a PC player and more specifically if your a PC player who plays Final Fantasy XV. Square Enix announced that they will be adding several new features to the title starting with a character creator that will allow players to get just the right look for Noctis. This feature is already available in the Comrades multiplayer mode but will be a full feature of the main Campaign for the Windows Edition of the game.

The Windows Edition will also receive Mod support later this spring which allow players to add all sorts of fun features and mods to the game. At the moment however it looks like mods may initially be limited to outfits and weapons. Square Enix also made note that the game will support Steam Workshop so uploading your sweet mods will be easily handled.

Later this year FFXV fans (Windows Edition) will also be treated to a level editor which will allow players to customize existing areas. This includes adding new enemies and creating simple quests. The system will use a basic event and trigger system but knowing players will lead to some pretty awesome quests. Finally, the developer highlighted the User Treasure system. This feature will allow players to essentially hide treasure in the world for others to find. The longer it takes to find the treasure the sweeter the loot becomes. There were no firm dates on any of these new features but based on the information provided by Square Enix we can expect to see the first of these soon. For more on Final Fantasy XV be sure to check out our latest articles on the title.

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