Funcom Hands Out a Treat with Free Hide & Shriek Game


If you’re looking for a spooky game to play this Halloween season, you’re in luck. Funcom has announced that Hide & Shriek is now available for free!

Funcom is the purveyor or trick or treat fun

Hide & Shriek is a game where you literally try to scare your opponent to death. Your mission is to find the sneakiest, most terrifying way to do so. You can take on friends and family as well as random strangers on the interwebz. All of the action takes place in glorious 1v1 matches.

Hide and Shriek is a one vs. one multiplayer game where players collect points and scare the other player using spells, traps, and jump scares. Players can summon dark demons, set up elaborate traps, and jump out of clever hiding places to scare each other senseless. The catch is that you are both invisible, and to find and scare the other player you must first observe telltale signs such as doors opening or objects moving, or even trick them into traps that will reveal their position.

You can head to the Hide & Shriek Steam page or the official site to get started on your terrifying journey.

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