Funcom Announces New Partnership & TBS Title for 2018


Funcom, the developer of Conan Exiles, has announced a new game headed for its growing portfolio. According to the press announcement, the new title is headed to PCs in 2018. Funcom will be providing development and publishing support.

Funcom & Bearded Dragon LTD

The company announced that it has signed an agreement with Bearded Dragon International LTD. A studio called The Bearded Ladies will be developing a “tactical turn-based strategy” game for PCs. However, console fans should not despair. After the game’s release, the company will evaluate its port to consoles.

A quick look for The Bearded Ladies nets a small studio located in Sweden. It is committed, so says the site, to “making entertaining games and having a good time doing it”. Sounds like a great place to work.

We’ll certainly keep eyes on this and keep you posted.

Conan Exiles & More

Funcom is, of course, the developers behind MMO favorites such as Conan Exiles, Age of Conan and The Secret World. In fact, the company’s latest game, Secret World Legends, has officially launched as of today.

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