Game Room Ideas to Spice Up Your Evenings

Gaming Room

If you enjoy the simple fun of escapist entertainment, then a game room is right up your alley. It’s easy to settle with what you have and just have a TV and a console ready any time you need to have a little friendly competition with your friends and family. But what if you were to take your gaming hobby to a whole new level?

Game rooms are a great way to put all your favorite games and pastimes into one area, accessible to anyone at home, be they household or guests. Here are some ideas that might inspire you into creating a game room that is uniquely your own.

Retro Console Collection

Having the latest modern console is always a great time as you get to experience some of the industry’s finest entertainment on a top-of-the-line piece of hardware. But there is more to gaming than just the best graphics card or RAM. Sometimes, fun is about reliving your old experiences and enjoying your favorite games that you did as a child. Retro game consoles are still around and they work just as well as they used to given that they were properly taken care of.

Ask your friends or colleagues if they have any old gaming consoles that they have no more use for or purchase a few online. Their prices usually vary from seller to seller, but don’t expect them to cost you some pocket change. They can still be quite pricey especially if they’re limited editions or come with a lot of games. Organize them onto a cabinet or bookshelf, keep a big library of games, and you have yourself a little time machine to revisit your childhood with.

Oculus 1

VR Corner

Virtual reality has become quite popular recently mostly thanks to how accessible the technology is. And while it still has a long way to go before it is as common as traditional gaming consoles, investing in a VR headset is a great investment nonetheless.

Conventional controllers are made to fit perfectly into human hands, without putting any strain on your palms or fingers. But virtual reality is an experience like no other. Immersion is very important for those who want to be as invested in their games as possible. And you’re not going to get more immersive than virtual reality. It allows you to step into the video game world and watch in awe as it comes to life all around you.

There are already a ton of VR exclusive games out there that you and your friends can have countless hours of fun in. Dedicate a separate corner to VR and make sure that you have an open floor plan going. Minimize the furniture in that area to allow for as much freedom of movement as possible. It’s also a matter of physical hazard as you don’t want someone tripping over a stool while they are unaware of their surroundings in the real world.

Board Game Table

While digital games will get you countless hours of fun, let’s not forget about their physical counterparts, board games. Many of the popular video games we have today are based on board games. So, to pay respects to one of the biggest industry’s in escapist entertainment, you should dedicate one area of your room to board games.

There are a lot of board game types to choose from, each one with its own spin and gimmick. Also, do keep in mind, that board games are not limited to those with colorful pieces. You can include some of the most important classics, such as chess. There are some very stylish chess boards you’ll find when you visit the link and find one that will suit your interior.

Get a big table for your board games as this will be the backbone of your fun evenings. Sure, the great thing about board games is that they can be played virtually on any solid surface that can hold up the board itself. However, to maximize comfort, have a proper table with comfortable seating where you can spend hours without any backaches.

Also, make sure that you have focused light right above the table so the players don’t strain their eyes. Playing board games in the dark is hardly fun for anyone. Not only is it bad for your eyesight, but it’s easy to lose pieces and have someone cheating without you even noticing. To even the odds and protect the eyesight of the players, install proper light right above the table.

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