Ghost Recon Wildlands will have an Open Beta… soon

We Don't Know Exactly When...But SOON
Ghost Recon Wildlands

Confirmed during the recent Ubisoft earnings call, a Ghost Recon Wildlands Open Beta will indeed come before the March 7th launch. Sadly, we do not have a more precise date but will keep eyes peeled.The closed beta for GRW took place earlier in February, reportedly quite successful.

Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Film

Ubisoft also announced that a special short film set in the same universe as Ghost Recon Wildlands is in production. Called “The War Within the Cartel, the movie stars rapper TI.

Wildlands Open Beta and Beyond

With the (hopefully) imminent start of the GRW open beta, our coverage of the game will expand. You can be sure that we’ll have some video footage and impressions from the OBT. Look for our review of Ghost Recon Wildlands in March!

Source: Gamespot

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