Darksburg Ready To Survive Early Access

Shiro Games has unleashed Darksburg into Early Access and this outlandish medieval co-op is ready to fend off all sorts of undead.

Set in ye olde town of Darksburg, this survival co-op is set to flood an otherwise peaceful town with all manner of monsters throughout 2020. Coming into Early Access now via Steam and available on PC, Darksburg is a chance for you and three friends to take up arms in the French indie studio’s latest adventure.

Big Dark Adventure

In Darksburg, players aren’t just faced with the impending realization that an undead horde of zombies is about to overrun their position. Anybody logging into the action will be able to choose several points of view. The usual range of powerful survivors is available to defend Darksburg, orf course. Varag, escaped wolfman and humankind’s (part-time) best friend, or the viciously compassionate Sister Abigail are just two of the colorful characters available. Each of these comes with their own particular weapon choice, unlockable powers, and special abilities to battle back the night. Those burned out on heroes can jump into the skin of a revenant, a super-powered zombie and bring the fight to the town’s defenders. This features in the game’s PvP mode and sounds like a nice twist on the traditional PvE and wave-based modes that can get a little hack and slashy.

The PC Early Access version already contains the following features:

•  Four playable hot-blooded Survivors and four playable zombie Revenants.
•  Five maps covering all the blood-soaked parts of Darksburg divided across three distinct environments: the ruined Harbour, the Marketplace, and the Faubourg district.
•  All the game modes, including the coop against AI, as well as the PvP mode which sees Revenants stopping the Survivors escaping town and the infamous Last Stand mode.
•  A wide range of abilities, combos, and perks are available to each character, allowing players to focus on DPS or build the ultimate tank.

Everything about Darksburg looks like Vermintide with a knowing wink. You can check out the trailer for the game above or head over to the Steam Early Acess page for a bit more detail on the most fun I’m having during the apocalypse this week.



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