Honkai: Star Rail – Check Out Animated Short ‘A Flash’

Developer HoYoverse shared the first animated short for the recently released turn-based RPG Honkai: Star Rail. Titled ‘A Flash’, it focuses on the Xianzhou characters and the region’s traditions of sword mastery. The almost 5-minute long video lets players take a glimpse into the past of Jing Yuan, an upcoming playable 5-star character (Erudition/Lightning) and one of the Seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhou Alliance.

The trailer shows the days when Jing Yuan was still in training under his own master, Jingliu, and what he had to go through to become one of the Seven Arbiter-Generals and one of the Six Charioteers of the Xianzhou Luofu. His tormented past could also explain his patient approach to training his own retainer, a 5-star Yanqing. Check out the video above to learn more!

“Year 7380 Star Calendar, Jingliu, the mara-stricken swordmaster of the Luofu, slashed her way out of Starskiff Haven, cutting through the Cloud Knights tasked to subdue her before vanishing in the mist of history. Year 8096 Star Calendar, a young soldier named Yanqing rose to fame from the tournament hosted by the Seat of Divine Foresight, and was conferred the rank of Cloud Knight Lieutenant.

“The years pass in a flash, cups of wine the only solace.”

A fleeting flash — thus is the speed of swift blades as the master and her student spar, and thus is the passage of the unceasing torrent of time. Just how long has it been? His duel with his master, centuries ago, still rippled like a memory from yesterday. But the few years between now and when he took in the boy as his student felt like a lifetime. Time gallops, swift as a stallion, sudden as a lightning strike, agonizing as a blade that runs him through. And yet, it feels like everything has always been the same.”

If you want a refresher the lore of the Xianzhou, HoYoverse shared the Myriad Celestia Trailer dedicated to the Seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhou to bring players up to speed. Additionally, the team teased the character banners coming in Honkai Star Rail version 1.1 – follow the link to find out more.

“Amidst the starry river flows, bowstrings taut, our song it goes. Weapons and war cries, in battle meet, the enemy’s lines, we shall defeat. The path ahead is long and fraught, dangers abound, with no peace sought. Banners and flags obscure the sky, fighting against monsters, we seek to survive.”

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