Honkai: Star Rail – Reveal Trailer

Developer MiHoYo, the creators of online hit Genshin Impact, revealed a new game set in the Honkai universe. Titled Honkai: Star Rail, it is an all-new strategy/RPG title that will be taking players on a cosmic adventure across the stars.

The newly-launched official site has some information about the characters of the upcoming game:

  • Starward Explorer Himeko – an adventurous scientist who encountered the Astral Express as a child when it got stranded in her home world
  • Welt – the wise and sophisticated former Anti-Entropy Sovereign who inherits the name of the world
  • Danheng – a cold and reserved young man who wields a spear known as Cloud-Piercer
  • March 7th – a clever, quirky girl who is enthusiastic about all things girls her age are enthusiastic about
  • Gepard – an upright and noble captain of the Silvermane Guards who bears the name of the age-old Gepard family
  • Seele – a spirited and valiant member of Wildfire who grew up in the perilous Underworld of Belobog. She is accustomed to being on her own
  • Clara – a shy young girl with no home, Clara had no choice but to join the prospectors to survive. She inadvertently reactivated a dormant relic from a past civilization — the robot Svarog
  • Asta – the Lead Researcher of the Space Station brims with enthusiastic curiosity and boasts unimaginable achievement in the field of astronomy. She is capable of taking on workloads meant for dozens of people with ease, including commanding and maintaining the Space Station

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