Honkai Star Rail – Meet Luka & Participate in the Underground Treasure Hunt

Honkai Star Rail - Meet Luka & Participate in the Underground Treasure Hunt

Developer HoYoverse has taken to the official HoYolab page to outline the new character and new event arriving in turn-based RPG Honkai Star Rail. Once the currently active of Blade is over, it will be time for another Stellaron Hunter to shine. Kafka is a 5-star Lightning/Nihility character whose kit revolves around applying Shock and triggering existing damage-over-time effects (DOTs) on enemies, so she is naturally a great partner for Sampo and the newcomer Luka:

  • When: August 9 to August 29.
  • Characters: 5-star: Kafka (Lightning/Nihility). 4-stars: Luka (Physical/Nihility), Sampo (Wind/Nihility) and Serval (Lightning/Erudition).
  • Weapons: 5-star: Kafka’s signature Light Cone “Patience Is All You Need” (Nihility). 4-stars: Resolution Shines As Pearls of Sweat (Nihility), Eyes of the Prey (Nihility), The Birth of the Self (Erudition).

Luka is a member of Wildfire and an upcoming 4-star Physical/Nihility character. He is also the reigning champion of the Fight Club and an Honorary Member of the Moles. He can cause enemies to Bleed and deal additional damage to Bleeding enemies.

Luka’s Skill can inflict Bleed on enemies. During combat, he can gain stacks of Fighting Will through various methods. By consuming a certain number of Fighting Will stacks, he can use Enhanced Basic Attacks that can immediately deal additional Bleed damage equal to a certain percentage of the original damage to Bleeding enemy targets.

Luka’s Ultimate grants him a certain number of Fighting Will stacks with a chance to cause the targeted enemy to receive increased damage for several turns. Luka will then deal Physical damage to the target.

Honkai Star Rail – Underground Treasure Hunt Event

Starting August 9, participate in the new HSR event to get some sweet Stellar Jade and even a Self-Modeling Resin. Requires completion of the Trailblaze Mission “Jarilo-VI – Silent Galaxy”.

In Underground Treasure Hunt, there are a total of five ruins for Trailblazers to explore. Before entering the ancient ruins, Trailblazers have to modify the team going underground. Each ruin has a Trial Character that you can try out. Reach specific Exploration Progress to obtain mission rewards in “Treasure Hunt Rewards”.

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