Leaks in the Skull & Bones Ship, Ubisoft Speaks Out


There was a development for the Skull & Bones pirate game from Ubisoft as a technical artist leaked a fair sized gameplay video.

This video was posted on a site called Streamable, and has been quickly taken down. It showed the focus of the game: becoming the best – or the worst – pirate that you could be, depending on your point of view. The video showed a port called Saint-Anne, the base of operations where you will craft new ships and pieces for your ships, as well as equipment for yourself. You can meet people here as well as collect jobs.

Apparently, progress will be tracked based on an infamy-type scale. You can increase this by taking on new contracts and gain rewards for completion of them. You will also gain penalties if you fail. The game will feature world events allowing you to search for treasure and plunder your way through the map. None of this matters without a character and there is a character creation tool which sounds like it might be pretty good when we actually see it.

In response to the leaked video, Ubisoft put out a video telling us to watch the horizon for the new game. I have personally been waiting for this title since it was announced. I am a huge Black Sails fan and never finish the game because I love the sea battles so much.

Someday it will be here. Hopefully this year. If you don’t want to wait for anymore details join the insider program.

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