Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time unveiled by Bandai Namco

Are you a good witch or a bad witch?
Little Witch Academia

It is doubtful to be a coincidence that “Bandai Namco” released an English story trailer today for Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time with gameplay and a soft, general releae date of “early 2018” the same day Netflix releases the second half (or second season) of the Little Witch Academia anime. The trailer is chock-full of randomness aplenty.

From coming off very reminiscent to the Persona series to Gundam-like mechs and enough Harry Potter-esque sequences to make Warner Bros. legal team salivate at the sight of three headed dogs and chambers full of “secrets”. With a fixed camera and 2-D/3-D hybrid sequences, the RPG’s North American release for PS4/PC will be much like its anime counterpart, subtitled not dubbed.

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