MapleStory Turns 16 with a New Event & Maple Memories

Nexon has announced the 16th-anniversary celebration for MapleStory that comes complete with special birthday events, new missions, new mini-games, and even a social media event that encourages players to share their “Maple Memories”.

Here are a few of the events going on in the popular anime-inspired MMORPG:

  • Level 101+ characters can head over to the Hotel Maple to collect their VIP status and to chat with concierges to learn about VIP Membership and “assist players every step of the way to maximize their experience and rewards”.
  • VIP members unlock the ability to collect 16th Anniversary Points and 16th Anniversary Coins. These are collected through specially-themed missions and mini-games.
  • Coins and Points can be traded for special items, stat boosts, Membership points, VIP Skill Point, and VIP Coupons to rank up membership.
  • Players are encouraged to take to social media to share their Maple Memories on Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages with the #MapleMemories tag. These will be collected on a special Maple Memories website that allows players to reconnect with friends from the past and celebrate the game.

Check out the MapleStory official site to learn more.

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