Mind Scanners Is A New Mind Bending Management Sim From Brave At Night

Mind Scanners is a brand new retro-futuristic management sim and this slick new indie title is set to load into your brain early 2021.

Published by Brave At Night, the same team that lorded Yes Your Grace over us in earlier this year, and developed by indie outfit The Outer Zone, Mind Scanners brings the dystopian ideals of 1984 and meshes them with an indie aesthetic that certainly got our attention when it popped up on our feeds. Set in the aftermath of a meteor strike, players picking up Mind Scanners will find themselves tasked with maintaining the balance of the Structure. In The Structure, order and efficiency are maintained by tight top-down control of everything under its purview.

Treating Patients

To ensure that this seeming harmony isn’t upset, players will find themselves dialling up and diagnosing the citizens of this dystopian metropolis. In order to treat each individual, you’ll need to manage your time and resources within The Structure, taking full responsibility for the outcome of any patient. While this all sounds quite ominous there is help available, after a fashion.

In order to successfully treat any disaffected young radicals, you’ll be able to use new machines and instruments are on the public the instant they are invented. As you operate and master a range of arcade-style devices used to treat your patients, ₭apok and science points should allow successful controller types to develop a range of new and not at all pointy looking devices to help The Structure maintain balance. Sounding firmly like it will be a mix of titles like Papers Please, Do Not Feed The Monkeys, and the aforementioned Orwellian narrative, Mind Scanners looks less exploding heads and more like a thoughtful conspiracy where you might even see the outcome of your actions. To find out more about this interesting new indie check out the Mind Scanners Steam Store page now before it fiddles with your brain in 2021.

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