Do Not Feed The Monkeys Hacks Into Nintendo Switch

Do Not Feed The Monkeys, the award-winning indie voyeur sim, has broken down the firewalls and is now available on Nintendo Switch.

Originally released on PC back in 2018, this off the wall CCTV sim put players in the role of a member of a shadowy society. This isn’t your regular weekly book club and players turning on Do Not Feed The Monkeys will find themselves monitoring a wide variety of unsuspecting individuals through suspiciously insecure CCTV. Whether it’s in the home, on the street, or somewhere entirely unexpected, you’ll catch the very best and worst of the general public, but it’s all more than just a gogglebox.

Players who pick up Do Not Feed The Monkeys on Nintendo Switch will also join “The Primate Observation Club” with the intent of simply keeping an eye on the primitive apes that are before you. While you log into a PC, hacking into an array of cameras, on your Nintendo Switch you might face a moral quandary or two because you absolutely can feed the monkeys. Despite the name of this moral maze, you’ll have to decide if you can sit back and watch the worst of humanity unfold or intervene, breaking all the rules of the club, and watch your actions play out. Don’t assume it will always be for the best, however.

Do Not Feed The Monkeys is a very different type of puzzle game that seems set to play on your moral objections and own biases in a way that puts it up with titles like Not Tonight and Papers Please. If you think you’ve got the moral fibre to keep your hands off the apes then check out the trailer above and head over to the Nintendo eShop to find out more about this new Nintendo Switch version of Do Not Feed The Monkeys.


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