Muse Dash Turns 2 & Gets A New DLC

muse dash dlc

Muse Dash, the poppy rhythm game from XD is ready to press play on a whole range of new music with a year 2 DLC drop.

Muse Dash got a pretty good reception around here when it dropped back in 2018. Now the side-scrolling rhythm game is set to celebrate its second anniversary with a ton of new content for players. Published by XD, Muse Dash might not look like a game-changing audio experience but the simple controls, bright graphics and catchy tunes made it a joy to kick back and play when it launched. With 1.7 million worldwide sales behind it, it seems that plenty of gamers agree.

New Content

On 12 June, just before Muse dash turns 2 years od, X.D. Network and PeroPeroGames are pressing play on a new DLC music pack that will introduce a new retro-style stage, new free songs, and new illustrations for the 2D divas. The 2 year anniversary also includes a brand new character for players to try out. The School Girl Buro joins the roster with her own unique ability., allowing a player who holds down the buttons, to continuously hit marked enemies. This should prove reasonably helpful for stages where repetitive tapping is getting the better of you.

Finally, Muse Dash is launching a collaboration event with VTuber Fubuki Shirakami. While you might not have heard of Shirakami right no, there’s plenty of time for you to find out why Muse Dash is set to include their latest song, called [Say!ファンファーレ! ], into the upcoming Muse Dash DLC. There are tons of challenges to take on in this charming rhythm game’s new DLC update. Check out all the details over at the official website or check out our  review from the PC release of the cute rhythm title.



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