More Star Wars Shows Coming to the TV Screens and That’s Great

Star Wars: A Small Universe with Endless TV Shows
Star Wars

The Star Wars movies have spawned their cult following. George Lucas has been quite adept at developing great franchises. But, the movies on their own, weren’t satisfactory enough. Over the years, fans took bits and bobs from the franchise and plastered the names mentioned in brief passing, and plastered them together to recreate an exciting world that Lucas would have been challenged to create himself. In many ways, Star Wars is like blackjack. The game appeared as a very simple and straightforward game of cards, but it has resurfaced in the years to come under many different names. One of those games is 188bet thai, but that’s barely scratching the surface of the game’s evolution.

In a similar way, the original three movies weren’t enough. George Lucas crafted the first chapters that explained the backstory and what had happened in the past to lead up to current events and reception has been mixed. Well, despite the few critics out there, the Star Wars franchise has definitely progressed in the right direction.

From Cartoon Network to Disney+, Star Wars Is Great

Star Wars has managed to spawn its own cult following and this is great news. The Clone Wars Series on Cartoon Networks have been fantastic. Anyone, regardless of their bent on Star Wars or whether George Lucas has really disappointed fans, will appreciate the quality animation and production of the cartoon series.

Of course, some hardcore fans would object to the point where they would be arguing, and even fighting with each other, but for a true Star Wars expert, the most important thing remains as always has – developing the storyline, discovering new plotlines, and finding out more about each individual in the franchise.

This is where Disney+ comes in. You may be a little skeptical of the streaming service as a whole and argue that Disney hasn’t been able to create any captivating shows, but this is not true. We have the Mandalorian and he has been an absolute blast. Star Wars fans could never suspect that Disney, a service mostly related to the production of some of “the most disappointing Star Wars movies” according to fans would be able to create such a thrilling and captivating story.

Well, Disney has succeeded and this is great news for anyone who truly enjoys the Star Wars franchise. But don’t worry, because the Mandalorian isn’t the only great show about Star Wars. In fact, Disney is producing another one.

Beyond the Cuteness of Baby Yoda

Disney Plus has managed to bank on a rather unpopular character – the clones in Star Wars. Known for their treacherous obedience to the Siths, many fans have argued that the clones were right to enact the murderous spree in the third movie. After all, they represented the state and they had to obey a direct order.

Yet, fascination with the clones has grown and Dave Filoni, the successful producer behind Rebels, Clone Wars, and the Mandalorian has decided to give another show a whirl. In the “Bad Batch,” the story follows an elite squad of clones who have gone wrong.

Because of some genetic misfire, they have ended up with special abilities. Uniqueness isn’t valued highly among the clones, but the subjects have been saved and put to some good use. After all, when you are on the hunt against the jedis, you might benefit from some “force-like” abilities to get a surprising upper hand.

Of course, Filoni wouldn’t risk creating a series about an elite squad hunting down jedis just yet, but the idea is there. The Bad Batch highlights the empire’s ability to keep law and order without necessarily subscribing to lawful methods. Just like an exciting new version of blackjack, we can’t wait to see the new show that will bring more joy to Star Wars fans.

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