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Star Wars Pinball VR Review

There is one type of game that I will always go to when visiting an arcade, the pinball machines. Zen Studios has brought Star Wars Pinball VR to life in a beautiful way on the Oculus Quest platform. ...

9.5 Amazing
Check Out Star Wars The Bad Batch Featurette

Check Out Star Wars: The Bad Batch Featurette

May the Force be with you! In celebration of May 4th, Disney shared a short video dedicated to the upcoming original series Star Wars: The Bad Batch, introducing viewers to the characters of the exper...

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The Datacronicles: Star Wars: The Age Of Resistance Book Review

Titan Comics is known for publishing comics that cover a lot of genres. Specifically, and not limited to, gaming, fantasy, and classic humor. They also have a “sister site”, for lack of a ...

star wars repyublic commando nintendo switch is coming

It Looks Like Star Wars: Republic Commando Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Thanks to a very dedicated Gamer Modder and Nintendo fan, we might very well have advanced warning that Star Wars: Republic Commando is coming to the Nintendo Switch. Thanks to the eagle eye of twitte...

New Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Game is in Development

[Rumor] New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Game is in Development

Recently, the fans of the Galaxy far, far away got the exciting news that Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment are working on an open-world Star Wars game, utilizing the studio’s Snowdrop Engine. D...

Star Wars

Ubisoft Announces Open World Star Wars Game

The universe is twitterpated thanks to a new announcement from Ubisoft that reveals a Star Wars game in development from Massive Entertainment. The game is a collaborative effort between Ubi and Lucas...


Star Wars Blasts into Minecraft

The Minecraft team has announced a brand new Star Wars-themed DLC, what they are calling the “biggest DLC mash-up” in the game‘s history. For players, the galaxy is not so far, far a...

SWTOR Update 6.2 Will Add New Flashpoint, Login Rewards and Emote Window

SWTOR: Update 6.2 Will Add New Flashpoint, Login Rewards and Emote Window

The developers from Bioware have started testing update 6.2 “Echoes of Vengeance” coming to MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic in the near future. The update will introduce a new Flashpoin...

Star Wars

Star Wars Gaming Options for True Fans

Star Wars are highly popular gaming options all around the globe. Since the introduction of the first video game, the entire category has become a must-choose option for dedicated players. The game sa...

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