Do We Already Know The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Release Date?

Jedi Survivor Release Date

It seems that thanks to a Steam slip up, we now know the release date for Jedi Survivor

The upcoming sequel to Star Wars: Fallen Order was likely to get a full reveal and release date at the upcoming Game Awards but it looks like Steam have ruined some of the surprise with on over eager store update. Yesterday, the Steam Store page for the much hyped sci-fi RPG penned in a release date of 16 march 2023.

The page has since been revised, erasing the release date now shows as “Coming Soon”, deleting a bunch of other detail that we can be fairly sure is true. If you check the page now, you won’t find confirmation that the latest Star Wars title takes place 5 years after the initial of this series and that it will take protagonist Cal on a galaxy spanning adventure.

While we don’t know a ton about the return of Cal, the Steam page looks to have teased a bunch of pre order bonuses, including a Han Solo- and Luke Skywalker-themed skins, blaster skins, and a new color scheme for BD-1. A bunch more looks to have gone now too, including new fighting styles, and a bunch of potential game specifications. PCGamesN even caught the exceptional 130GB of storage needed to get the game going. Not all of the details might be accurate, but we’re sure to find out soon when Star Wars: Jedi Survivor drops more details. We’d keep an eye on the Game Awards for more details. In the mean time, there’s still plenty of time to catch up on our review of the first in the two games, and follow Cal on his adventures.

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