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My Talking Angela 2

My talking Angela 2 just got a huge new summer update. The mobile game from outfit7 finds Angela out in the big city, and now the summer has come around there are plenty of new activities to take on. After a year out on her own this star of the Talking Tom series is taking to the stage solo and has released a new music video. The track, Shine Together, is the center of a set of super summer activities and items including jewelry making, an on-stage performance of Shine Together, new tropical outfits for Angela, new album collections, and exotic summer décor. To get the most out of this huge new update, we’ve put together some tips and tricks to get you ahead and fill out those sticker books before the clouds roll in.

Enter the Talent Show

If you’re a long-time fan, then you already know that Talking Angela is super talented, and truly shines at pretty much everything she tries her hand at. But now My Talking Angela 2 finally gives you and Angela the chance to prove how talented she is. If you go to the city screen, you’ll notice a new, neon-lit stage opposite the cupcake bakery. Tap on it to enter the talent show.

Now you’ll get a choice of at least two activities – for example, jewelry making and dancing – through which you can prove your talent and impress the judges (namely Angela’s pets Flip, Squeak, and Dot). Choose which activity you want to do, then press the button and complete the activity. After the judges show you how much they loved your performance, you’ll be awarded some summer tokens. Collect enough of these and you can choose from one of nine prizes, and collect all nine prizes before the event finishes, and you can get a really special prize.


My Talking Angela 2 take to the stage


Collect Summer Tokens And Get Tiles

Whenever you complete an activity in the aforementioned Talent Show, you’ll be rewarded with some summer tokens, that fill up a dedicated token bar. When full, you’ll have an opportunity to pick from a set of special reward tiles. While these drop their own prize, completing the entire set of nine gifts Talking Angela with an extra special bonus reward. You can check out the bonus on the circle on the reward tile screen.

Each time the bar fills all the way across, you’ll get the chance to pick one of the nine rewards on the reward tile, and if you get all nine rewards before the event finishes, you’ll get the extra special reward shown in the circle on the reward tile screen.

Spin The Wheel

You don’t just have to get on stage to fill up the summer token bar either. Spinning the reward wheel during the summer event can drop some extra summer tokens, so don’t forget to spin the rewards wheel to unlock those tiles.

Make Your Very Own Unique Jewelry

The best way to keep up with the latest summer fashion is to accessorize! Thankfully summer means even more ways to make a statement with your very own jewelry. The first thing to do when making jewelry in My Talking Angela 2 is to choose what kind of jewelry piece you’re going to make. A majestic tiara? An elegant necklace? Or maybe a funky bracelet? Next, you have to choose the base color, and can pick from subtle silver, extravagant gold or, Angela’s favorite, bright pink!

Once all the basics are in place, it’s time to get decorating and make each piece your own. Gemstones can be carved into different shapes, and you can pick two gems per piece. With different stones and shapes for each piece of gemstone, you need to simply pick and then get hammering. Use the hammer to break up the gemstones first, then the chisel to carve them into the shape you want. Then, when your gemstones are ready, drag and drop them into place on your piece. The final stage is to use the sponge to buff and polish your jewelry so that it really shines. And the really cool thing is that you can craft as much jewelry as you want!


My talking Angela 2 wardrobe screenshot


Get Into Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is a new season and, in Angela’s world, that means much more than a change in the weather. It means new trends, new fashion statements, and awesome new outfits! Out go the heavy sweaters, the hooded coats, and thick socks. Instead, you can choose from the beach hippy outfit, the shark diving suit, and the summer princess dress. Of course, you can go all in to grab these from the in game store but there’s no need to. Spin and take to the stage, as above, and you’ll be able to grab new garb as part of the summer tile event.
To get a look at the newest rack of clothing, head to Angela’s wardrobe, tap on a garment, then tap the left arrow to find the new summer clothing items.

Summer Sticker Fun

Like the rest of the year, there’s always a chance to fill out Angela’s sticker albums. Summer calls for a special book and you’ll be able to pick up these new entries at specific times during the season. The stickers in this album are summer themed and feature Angela doing her favorite summer activities, like chilling on a beach with ice cold fruit juice. You’ll be rewarded with the summer stickers by going traveling, so simply for playing the game. While there’s an opportunity to grab extra by watching in game ads or paying money, you can just play the game and try to stretch your legs. Get out and see the world, to earn stickers, then keep the cycle going when flight tokens drop for filling out the sticker book.


With My Talking Angela 2 celebrating a year of fun and plenty of success, players can join Angela’s adventures on iOS and Android now, or check out the official Outfit7 website for more on the new update.

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