Nacon Announce Hell Is Us

Nacon and Rogue Factor revealed a Hell Is Us last night, with a teaser trailer that suggests we’re about to get compelling new tale from these two.

News of the latest title from European publisher Nacon dropped last night and it’s safe to say that we’re intrigued. The major new project might not have a definitive date beyond 2023, but we did get a bit more than a name. This new, and seemingly a deeply ambitious title, is a third person action adventure set in a semi-open world ravaged by war. Taking the mantle of a mysterious central protagonists, players who eventually pick up Hell Is Us will set out to find out more about their past and how it seems to fit into this landscape.

This description could be the backdrop to a thousand ideas, but the arrival of supernatural creatures seems to things down a dark and unnatural avenue. Entities that seem almost like monuments are the vanguard of a calamity and somehow, it’s the protagonist’s task to fight these monsters. It’s all very Death Stranding if you ask me. While we know a little bit about the narrative, an accompanying teaser trailer has adequately set our expectations to very high. With a creative team headed by Jonathan Jacques-Belletête, of the Deux Ex series and Guardians of the galaxy, we’re sure those expectations are well warranted.

You can check out the tear trailer above and head over to the official Steam Store page to take a peek, ahead of its launch on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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