Photograph All The Best Dog As Puperazzi Launches On Steam

Photograph All The Best Dog As Puperazzi Launches On Steam - picture of a big white dog

Pupperazzi is out now on Steam bringing a pawsome new tail of dog snapping to pc players.

Do you love Dodge, the cute dog icon, not the cryptocurrency? Do you want to pet more poodles? Forget the low low temperatures of the local park, it’s time to become a Pupperazzi. The indie dog snapping game from publisher Kitfox Games, the people behind Boyfriend Dungeon, is out now on Steam, Following the fate of a pet photographer, this playful new getaway for the stresses of real life challenges players to photograph, pet, and tell the local canine residents of a virtual world that they are the best.

It might sound unusual and a little underwhelming compared to the epic fantasy tales that frequent our front page but Pupperazzi is surprisingly addictive. Putting players behind the camera in a first person perspective, photographers will explore and interact with a beautifully stylized world populated entirely by dogs. Between navigating the shibas, terriers, labs, and pugs players must take the best photos. There’s an entire upgrade path to upgrade gear, pick the best lenses, and produce the best snaps.

When not busy posing for that one human photographer, dogs o need some attention and Pupperazzi includes and developer Sundae Month has ensured you’ll be able to play fetch, dress up the dachshund, terrorize the woofers with vacuum cleaners (you monster), and even start dance parties. If Steam launches had to be rated wed’ give it 13/10 would launch again. You can grab this adorable looking new title over on Steam now where it even has a limited 10% launch discount.

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