Planet Coaster DLC is Going For A Brand Old New Ride

Classic Rides Collection

Sit down, get ready, and keep your hands behind the keyboard at all times. Frontier Developments has unveiled a new addition for Planet Coaster and it’s called the Classic Rides Collection.

Available right now, the Classic Ride Collection is the tenth new DLC update to Frontier’s Planet Coaster game. Available now, over on Steam, the premium update to your very own theme park adds a host of golden old experiences for patrons of your park. Frontier Developments are no strangers to the theme park genre, with Jurrasic World Evolution among their many current titles. Thankfully, the Classic Rides Collection looks a lot safer than any prehistoric park entertainment and comes full of colorful additions to Planet Coaster. Flat rides, tracked rides, rollercoasters, and transport rides of all sorts are available in this update and include rides like the Swift Drifters or Planet Coasters fastest joyride, the Macchina Classica. All of the rides that make up the Classic Ride Collection are quite obviously inspired by iconic rides and attractions from fairgrounds across the globe and will add more than a sprinkle of nostalgia to any trip.

For those of you that don’t shell out for the Classic Ride Collection, Frontier have also added the Copperhead Strike for free. In real life, this particular attraction is at home in Carowinds Park, North Carolina. It is Carolina’s first double-launch rollercoaster, providing incredible boost and power to the experience. The rest of the ride is authentically recreated with an inverted top hat, two 360 loops, a corkscrew, and a unique jojo roll straight out the station, all exactly where you should expect them.

All of the new DLC content is available right now via the Steam store, and the Copperhead Strike is ready to roll for all players. If you fancy a ride, check out the trailer for the Classic Rides Collection below and see the official website for more information.

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