PlayStation Blog Game of the Year 2021 Polls Are Now Live

PlayStation Blog Game of the Year 2021 Polls Are Now Live

With the year coming to an end, Sony invited PlayStation players to vote for the best games of 2021 across 15 categories. Check out the PS Blog to cast your vote – these polls are driven entirely by players’ choices.

As ever, there are a few rules:

  • Every category includes a write-in option in case there’s a title absent that you think should be considered.
  • Due to the polls closure date, some titles aren’t eligible for inclusion. These will be eligible for next year’s nominee selection.
  • As with the majority of the other categories, Best Multiplayer Experience focuses on titles released in 2021, but also recognises multiplayer-centric games that have seen significant new content or game-changing updates over this past year (such as Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker).
  • There are a number of highly anticipated games on the horizon. Some have launch dates, while others have yet to even officially confirm the game’s name. As such, we’ve chosen to keep the selection for the Most Anticipated Game of 2022 and Beyond category to games that have official titles.
  • Best Re-Release is a new category recognising remasters and remakes. Qualifying titles showcase enhancements like quality of life gameplay changes, graphical upgrades, and more.
  • If a title won a Platinum in a category any previous year, it won’t be eligible for inclusion in the same category this year.

Here are the categories for this year’s polls:

  • Best New Character
  • Best Story
  • Best Use of DualSense Wireless Controller
  • Best Multiplayer Experience
  • Best Sports Game
  • Best Accessibility Features
  • Best Graphical Showcase
  • Best Art Direction
  • Best Soundtrack
  • Best Re-Release
  • Independent Game of the Year
  • PS VR Game of the Year
  • PS4 Game of the Year
  • PS5 Game of the Year
  • Most Anticipated Game of 2022 and Beyond

Last but not least is the poll for the Studio of the Year.

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