Pre-Order the Atari VCS May 30th

Atari VCS

Old becoming new is coming back in a big way with the announcement of the Atari VCS IndieGoGO campaign which Atari has chosen to bring back for retro gaming fans everywhere!  The Atari VCS will not simply be a rerelease of old games in a new package, but it will allow you to experience the pixelated pleasure of classic Atari games with newly upgraded visuals despite that you may never actually be able to tell the difference.

While no official game list has been official, there is speculation as to what games we will be seeing. While Pong and Space Invaders will be a given, will we be seeing the more obscure titles such as E.T., Yars Revenge and Stargate? Lest we not forget that we could also see titles that have grown into pop culture phenomena such as Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Asteroids.  With a whole host of excellent Atari games to relive, it’s important to also point out, that while the game will have 4K, HDR, and guaranteed 60fps gameplay, it will also have built-in Wi-Fi, USB3, and Bluetooth 5 capabilities, meaning that we may be able to expect both local co-ops with varying types of controllers and online co-op or competitive gameplay.  This could put a lot of new twists even on the old games we know and love.

atari vcs


Atari has also mentioned that they will have a time-sensitive release of a faux wood-grained version which is only available for a limited time, and the “onyx’ edition, which won’t be limited, though how long Atari plans to sell the new systems has yet to be confirmed.  What that means is, if you’re an Atari fan, don’t let this notice fall to the wayside, despite the 2019 ship date, mark your calendars for May 30th, 2018 and preorder once it’s available here.

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