Author: Steven Weber

Steven Weber is a writer, he also loves to game. He produces several streams, all of dubious fame. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does he spend his time?” It’s spent writing this biography and trying to make it rhyme.

Flexispot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk Review

Whether you’re gaming, working, or browsing on your PC, chances are, you’re doing it while sitting down. These days, that doesn’t have to be the case, as standing desks have become more popular to tho...

8.8 Great

Shing! PC Review

Ninjas, mountain men, demon hordes, and sultry ladies are generally a recipe for hours of entertainment. In Shing! by developer Mass Creation, they have taken some exciting concepts, along with a stor...

6.3 Fair

High Score Review – More Than Just Console Warfare

In 2018, it was reported that the Video Game Industry had eclipsed the earnings of the Music and Film Industries combined. In High Score, this tantalizing tidbit was reiterated, but the focus of High ...

Fight Crab hero

Fight Crab PC Review

So, you happen to be a giant crab, living the crab life as one does, when you find multiple crustaceans invading your turf, what do you do? If you are a ninja crab, no doubt you would use the shuriken...

6.1 Fair
Reversion 3: The Return Mole

Reversion 3: The Return – Attack of the Sergio PC Review

The year is 2035, the place apocalyptic Buenos Aires, and lo and behold you have lost your memory as to how you found yourself here. In actuality, that happened two chapters ago in Reversion 1: The Es...

5.7 Average
THQ Nordic Announced Two Collector's Editions for Destroy All Humans!!

Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo Event Starts Today!

If you are looking for your next game, look no further. From July 21st all the way to the 27th, over 70 game demos for unreleased Xbox games will be available, and they are sure to keep you very busy....

Disintegration Review hero

Disintegration Review – Fun Until it Disintegrates

Robots, Gravcycles, and a Dystopian future – three ingredients, when combined, should be the recipe for a fantastical sci-fi epic. In Disintegration, V1 Interactive manages to mix genres together to c...

6.2 Fair
Sludge Life

Sludge Life Review: Sludging it to the Max

Is a life well sludged a good life? Probably not, as in Sludge Life, this over-polluted world is anything but a beautiful landscape to behold. Developed by Terri Vellmann and Doseone, you play as Ghos...

6 Fair

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