Author: Steven Weber

Steven Weber is a writer, he also loves to game. He produces several streams, all of dubious fame. If you’ve ever wondered, “How does he spend his time?” It’s spent writing this biography and trying to make it rhyme.

Nintendo Store NYC – A Mix of Museum and Arcade

Nintendo Store NYC – A Mix of Museum and Arcade

Last week I had the opportunity to visit New York City for a non-Nintendo gaming event. To my elated surprise, I heard in passing that Nintendo had opened a store not far from Times Square. In my prev...

New Games on Nintendo Switch This Week – Rolling Rocks and Necromancy

There are new games on the Nintendo Switch eShop! This week, new games for the switch fall all across the board.  we have tower defense games, RTS games, exploration games and many more that will keep...


New Games on Xbox One This Week: Rats and Plagues Edition

Xbox One gamers, rejoice, this weeks edition of “What’s New on Xbox One” is here, with a haughty list of exciting games that are sure to tickle your fancy, and perhaps whatever else ...

Battlefield V Tips and Tricks

Battlefield V Releases Roadmap for 2019

Fans of the popular EA Dice title Battlefield V should rejoice in the news that a roadmap for new content in 2019 has been released! Within the roadmap, EA has outlined what players can expect from th...

Press Release: Niffelheim Announces Major Update

2D Action-RPG fans may have heard of a Viking-centric game called Niffelheim, but for those that haven’t, Ellada Games has released a whole host of updates and announcements that is bound to spa...

Terrorarium logo

Press Release: Terrorarium Enters Steam Early Access

If the term “Murder Garden” piques your interest even in the slightest, you may be interested in the, soon to be released, early access title Terrorarium. Stitch Media has created a “...

Press Release: Com2uS Reveals New Mobile RTS – Summoners War: Lost Centuria

Sometimes RTS players don’t want to sit at a computer and click a mouse all day.  Sometimes they don’t want to brandish a controller and fiddle around with console RTS games.  Maybe, RTS p...

Press Release: Iron Throne Receives Big Update

If you’re an Iron Throne fan, then you probably already know that Netmarble has released an enormous update to their mobile MMO Strategy game. For the rest of us that have only dabbled in the Ir...

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