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THQ Nordic Bought The Rights to Outcast

THQ Nordic Bought The Rights to Outcast

Outcast is an action-adventure game originally developed by Appeal and released by Infogrames for Windows in 1999. While the sequel, Outcast 2: The Lost Paradise, was in works at the company it had ne...

Hellsign Early Access Review

Things are going bump in the night and blood has been splattered all over the walls in Ballistic Interactives game Hellsign. An investigative action RPG, the game seeks to tap into the supernatural ge...

6.5 Fair
Beyond Good & Evil 2 Gameplay

Beyond Good & Evil 2 – Gameplay Stream

The developers from Ubisoft Montpellier had been on hand during a live streaming of the upcoming action-adventure Beyond Good & Evil 2. During the stream, the fans got their first chance to see a ...

Rockstar Red Dead Online Beta

Red Dead Online Beta Is Now Available

The Red Dead Online Beta is rolling out this week! Rockstar is increasing the number of players who have access to the beta every day with everyone who owns the game being able to partake on Friday, N...

Darksiders III – Release Trailer – The Apocalypse is Nigh!

Darksiders III is now officially out for PC, PS4 and Xbox One! To celebrate the occasion, THQ Nordic has released the special Release Trailer. In the previous instalments of this hack-n-slash action a...

Crackdown 3 System Requirements

Crackdown 3 System Requirements Have Been Revealed

Crackdown 3 is nearing its release window. The Microsoft Store page of the game has been updated with the Crackdown 3 system requirements. Check them out to learn if your machine can handle the game t...

MediEvil PS4 Announce Trailer

MediEvil – PS4 Announce Trailer

Sony Interactive presented the trailer for the upcoming remake of the action-adventure MediEvil that was beloved by many owners of PS One. The PS4 Announce trailer shows off the awesome graphics and t...

Sunken Temple

Strange Brigade – The Sunken Kingdom DLC Is Out Now!

Strange Brigade has received the second part of the DLC mission campaign.  Called The Sunken Kingdom, it will require our adventurers to embark on a journey to a mythical underground city to uncover i...

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons – Announcement Trailer

Mojang Studio has decided to extend the beloved Minecraft universe and announced an all-new action-adventure game Minecraft Dungeons. The game is coming to PC in 2019. To celebrate the occasion, the t...

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