New Nintendo Switch Games Coming This Week

New Nintendo Switch Games Coming This Week

With the start of this week, October is finally here. As always, Nintendo has a new lineup of games for the Switch hybrid console, however, this time the company has prepared a few very juicy games to...

Trident’s Wake Review: A Typical Top-Down Shooter?

The top-down action-shoot’em up genre has found some exceptional gems in the past several years. Trident’s Wake by Bacus Studios means to capitalize on the premise of providing a title sim...

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Battle Planet

Prepare For Battle Planet This Autumn

Battle Planet – Judgement Day is coming. Publisher Wild River has unveiled details of a brand new battle for the planet where players end up traversing entire systems just to make it to freedom....

Darkwood Nintendo Switch Review: It Sure is Dark

The woods are dangerous. Even at times, during the day, you may need to brandish a torch to light the way where the trees are most dense. Salvaging supplies never seems to be enough, and survival is n...

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Saladin's Conquest DLC

Saladin’s Conquest DLC Invades Ancestors Legacy

This May, the Saladin’s Conquest DLC arrives for Ancestors Legacy. It is time to get a little sun on your back while you turn the Egyptian sands red. Coming to PC on 21 May 2019, the SaladinR...

Shiro Games Unveils Co-Op Medieval Zombie Game Darksburg

Shiro Games Unveils Gameplay Trailer For Darksburg

Shiro Games, the studio behind the popular Viking strategy title Northgard and the Evoland-series, released a brand new gameplay trailer for their upcoming title Darksburg. Darksburg is a cooperative ...

Ape Out

Ape Out Smashes Onto Nintendo Switch & PC

Jazz-powered smash ‘em up Ape Out is now running wild on Nintendo Switch and PC for $14.99.  Jump into this top-down simulator to see if you have what it takes to ape out of jail. Every dash, broken w...

Beacon Early Access Review – Has the DNA been in the sequencer long enough?

Beacon is a top-down roguelike shooter that aims to deliver a twist on the genre by giving you the ability to change your DNA on death. These can have effects to not only your stats but also mutate in...

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