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STEAM HIGH FIVE – Highly Interactive Art

Video games serve a lot of purposes in our lives; from good fun to immersive escapism, family night options to a powerful cathartic release. Through all of this, it’s sometimes easy to forget th...


Kenshi Review: Of Swords, Scavenging, and Strife

I know what you’re thinking. Society is overrated. You can’t stand it, but it inevitably insinuates its vile influences into your otherwise perfect life and you know it would be so much be...

6.1 Fair

KENSHI, Massive Sword-Punk Sandbox RPG Launches Today

Kenshi is a single-player sandbox RPG that has been in development for 12 years (including 4 in Early Access). The events of the game take place in a vast, atmospheric Sword-Punk open world. You are n...

Return of the West – Our Red Dead Redemption 2 Review

In the year 1899, the West may well be on its way out but here in 2018 it’s better than ever in what might just be the best game of the generation. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a sweeping epic that become...

10 Perfect

Scum Early Access Impressions- Not So Scumy

From Developers at Croteam and Gamepires comes the latest in a line of open-world survival games. Scum comes our way boasting an in depth character stat management system that involves not only hunger...

Subnautica Below Zero

Subnautica Below Zero Sends Chills Down Your Spine!

No dates have been released yet but developers Unknown Worlds are releasing a stand-alone expansion titled Subnautica Below Zero. Described as the following: Set in an ice-bound region of planet 4546B...


The Sinking City gets two new trailers

Fans of open world, story-driven mysteries should be sure to check out the two new videos released by Frogwares highlighting the mind-bending story of ‘The Sinking City’. The first, a CGI spectacle le...

rune odin

Rune – Open World Viking RPG Hits Steam EA September [Press Release]

Press Release: Human Head Studios and ESDF have announced with a new teaser trailer that Rune, the open-world Viking RPG, will arrive on Steam Early Access this September. Players can get a taste of R...

Middle Earth Shadow of War Definitive Edition

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition is Coming!

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has announced the Middle Earth: Shadow of War Definitive Edition. It will launch on August 28 in NA and August 31 in EU on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Middle-earth: Sh...

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