Prison Architect “Island Bound” Released

Paradox Interactive has announced that Prison Architect has grown with the Island Bound expansion. Players will find a host of new content to explore including both the Alcatraz Prison and Island maps. In addition, the Dynamic Reputation system is added that allows players to keep track of every prisoners’ notoriety. More creative types will enjoy the new objects and tiles to give their prison even more flair.

This expansion will allow you to create Island Compounds with no access road. You will have to bring your logistics game to a whole new level with these prisons, as you need to use a variety of new tools to make sure they run as intended. From ferries to helicopters, you will be able to maximize efficiency by linking them to specific deliveries – but be careful, as this also means more access points to sneak in contraband into your prison! Luckily, you will also have new security objects that will allow you to inspect deliveries and prisoners as they enter the prison, or at key security checkpoints.

The game is currently available with a whopping 75% discount and can be purchased for a mere $7.49 while Island Bound will set you back $9.99. Check out the full patch notes here or head straight to the Prison Architect Steam page to learn more.

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