Quake Champions Heads to Early Access on Steam


If you’ve been dying to check out Quake Champions, today’s your day. The game has officially entered Early Access on Steam. You can purchase special “Champions Packs” for $30 that unlocks all current as well as all future Champions.

Quake Champions EA

Bethesda is calling the EA period a “work in progress” and that players will be integral to future planning. Player feedback will drive improvements and new features as well.

The current version of the game is pretty feature complete including eight arenas, eleven Champions, four different game modes, customization galore, custom games and more.

Quake Champions’ newest playable Champion, DOOM Slayer, comes straight from the depths of hell to the Arenas, wielding his pounding fists and an unceasing thirst for blood. Fans of DOOM can run amok using DOOM Slayer’s active ability, Berserk – smashing enemies into bloody piles of gibs with his bare hands. DOOM Slayer’s passive ability will also be familiar to DOOM fans; reach new heights with Double Jump, which allows the DOOM Slayer to jump a second time while in mid-air.

You can learn about EA by visiting the game’s Steam page as well as by checking out the trailer above.

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