Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend February 14 – 17

Ubisoft has announced a new round of free weekend for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege that is currently ongoing. If you decide to purchase the full game, all your progress from the free weekend will be transferred.

  • PC: February 14th 6PM CET – February 17th 9PM CET. Pre-load is now available.
  • PS4: February 14th 2PM CET – February 18th 2PM CET. Pre-load is now available.
  • Xbox One: February 14th 9AM CET – February 18th 9AM CET. Xbox Live Gold Subscription required.

This weekend, you can access the full game for FREE, including all of the maps and modes. Get your friends together, pick an operator and dive into intense tactical action!

Check out Ubisoft’s FAQ if you have questions about the free weekend!

In addition to the free weekend, Ubisoft has also introduced two new Operators: Tori “Gridlock” Tallyo Fairous and Max “Mozzie” Goose. The two go way back but now they’re in for an unwelcome surprise:

For the first time they’re going to be facing off against each other. As an Attacker, Gridlock will be deploying her Trax Stingers – originally designed to stop pursuing vehicles in their tracks – to add a new dimension to her team’s control of their surroundings. And Mozzie, as a Defender, will deploy his Pest to make the enemy think twice about their intel gathering strategies.

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