Reap The Fallen and Wield Their Essence in Deathbound

Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio just announced Deathbound, coming to slay your enemies in 2024.

Tate Multimedia and Trialforge Studio just announce the latest entrant in a long line of fallen dreams ,and we’re not just talking about my reruns through Dark Souls. Deathbound is the latest title to trip the Soulsike genre and run for glory with a new twist on these tales of survival. The upcoming Action RPG will plunge players into a brutal reality, where life and death are intertwined.

The world Ziêminal and the great city of Akratya play host to this new adventure, the once great city now lies in ruin thanks to the competing forces of fanatical faith and unnatural science. As players navigate a treacherous cityscape, Deathbound’s unique binding system takes centre stage. Fallen warriors scattered across the game offer up an essence of their former life, allowing players to the opportunity to craft catered playstyles through a diverse range of acquired skills. Players can switch between heroes in any party, and at any time, providing a dynamic response to whatever comes crawling out of the shadows. Binding also provides the opportunity to deliver a powerful blow during perilous situations. The combined powers of all the absorbed fallen can create attacks known as Morphstrikes.

Reaping the dead isn’t all about increased strength. Essence will also reveal the narrative behind the world of Ziêminal and its inhabitants. Reminding me a little bit of Wayfinders fallen rabble and the forgotten memories of Elden Ring, there’s an interesting story waiting at the Church of Death. If you are ready for this tale, check out the Deathbound Steam Store page now.

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