Resident Evil 4 VR Release Date Revealed

Capcom and Oculus have announced that Resident Evil 4 VR will be coming sooner than many had thought. According to the dev team, players can look forward to literally jumping into a horror-themed world starting October 21, 2021 exclusively on Oculus Quest 2.

IGN has said that RE4VR is a pretty decent update to the 2005 classic and “the horror shooter feels practically new”. Because of the updates for VR systems, players can expect full-motion movement and teleportation for travel. In addition, players will be able to “draw weapons and items directly from the virtual body”. That means reaching for a gun on a player’s belt or a health boost from the left shoulder. In addition, puzzles and objects have been recreated to take advantage of VR capabilities. This means even the typewriter used for game saves is actually “there” and interactive.

Check out the Resident Evil 4 VR official site to learn more.

About Resident Evil 4 VR

Experience horror like never before — in VR only on Quest 2. Play Resident Evil 4 from a terrifying new perspective and immerse yourself in your deepest fears. Blinking away won’t be an option.

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