Rockstar’s AGENT Trademark Not Dead Yet, Concept Art Shows Up


The site has an interesting (and lengthy) thread going on about Rockstar’s AGENT IP. For those not in the know, AGENT was, or is, one of those games that was announced, then disappeared.

Rockstar’s AGENT – Missing in Action

You made need a brief history of AGENT if you’ve not followed it lately. And, honestly, given its decade-old announcement, it’s no wonder!

If you can remember back far enough, AGENT was first announced a decade ago. It was revealed by Sony as a PlayStation 3 exclusive. though not much else was known until 2009 when the title was finally revealed. All went dark again until 2011 when Take-Two said AGENT was still in production.


Developers working on the game, including the good folks at Rockstar, believed that it could be as successful as the GTA series.

In 2013, Take-Two renewed the trademarks and did so again in late 2016.

All this brings us to the post on the site where three images have been leaked. They reportedly show Austria, a snowy, alpine setting. Players would take the role of a Cold War spy during the late 70s.


Here are 3 Images of concept art from Agent.

A little explanation:The only reason I received a bunch of art/in-game images from various Rockstar titles is because of the whole Take2 Modding Fiasco. But since that is over, my source doesn’t really want me to release anymore to the public. But since I already promised Agent concept art, I can post a few of them. I might be able to show more images from Agent or other Rockstar titles in the future so stay tuned.

So what does it all mean? Your guess is as good as ours, though the continued renewal of the trademark is a good sign that somebody will get around to AGENT someday!

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