Shenmue 3 – Story Building Dev Diary

Shenmue 3 – Yu Suzuki on Story Building

Ys Net has released a new Developer Diary for Shenmue 3. The latest episode concentrates on Story Building with game designer Yu Suzuki.

The intrigue, adventure and drama of the Shenmue story is a hallmark of the series which has ignited our imaginations and burns with anticipation in our hearts. In this month’s update, Yu-san offers a short discourse on plot structurization, thematic touchstones and story pacing. So, take your seats, class is about to start!

He elaborates on the differences between storytelling in games and other types of media, including game times being different for each player.  A lot of times players who spent a long time in the game begin to forget what happened in the beginning. It is hard to think of a story the normal way without reminders of those events.

Shenmue 3 is currently in development for PS4 as well as PC.

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