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SMITE – Check Out Shiva Cinematic

The developers of free-to-play action-MOBA SMITE have shared a new cinematic trailer to welcome Shiva to the roster. He is a divine judge and holds justice in high regard, holding no remorse for the wicked.

With the reign of Tiamat coming to an end, it also means the beginning of the Dharmic Era – complete with the conquest map update and a new game mode, Slash. Slash takes elements from both Siege and Clash modes and merges them together into an entirely new mode launching in Season 9!

As far as Conquest goes, first, the map’s art style is changing to reflect the peaceful age that Shiva has ushered in. The Order side displays a temple to Shiva side by side with Mount Olympus, and the Chaos side has become overgrown after Tiamat abandoned it, and mortals are now dismantling and rebuilding the ruins as they see fit. The lighting is a bold daylight, a stark contrast from the dim and dark winter visuals.

Next, a major new gameplay feature is being introduced – The Obelisks. These create a new objective cycle that overlaps on top of other map objectives. This cycle creates a big shift in the jungle that teams can use to get big advantages, and it also provides a unique reward to the team that fully charges their Obelisk each cycle. And most importantly, you do NOT need to deliver anything to the Obelisks to charge them, just pick up the Offerings anywhere on the map!

You can find the full Patch 9.1 Update Notes on the official site.

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