Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra Review

The Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra slithered across our desks recently and this addition to the Snakebyte arsenal is packing a ton of features for the RGB brigade.

Initially introduced to us as Gamescom 2019, it’s taken right up until CES 2020 for us to get our fingers around this weapon of choice from the German peripheral manufacturer and as we break down the mouse you’ll understand why it took so long to land on our desks. The Game:Mouse Ultra represents Snakbyte’s top tier of gaming peripheral. Alongside the Mouse:Pad Ultra and Key:Board Ultra, this trio of accessories comes in at a discount to big-budget Death Adders but it certainly looks capable of competing from first impressions. First off, let’s get a look at the specifications.

snakebyte Game mouse ultra box

  • Pixart PMW3360 Chipset
  • Second palm rest with personalizable logo
  • 7-stage DPI setting up to 16,000 DPI
  • Maximum acceleration of 50G
  • Three adjustable weights of 4g each
  • Exchangeable sliding components
  • Customizable RGB lighting
  • Rubberized handles
  • Five programmable buttons with customizable software

The Game:Mouse Ultra comes wrapped up in a compact black cardboard box that might not stand out in your local gaming store except for the shimmering holographic sticker and a flash of neon color across the top of the whole affair. On the other hand, it’s easy to get open and who needs anything more than a secure delivery anyway?

Look and Feel

Get the Game:Mouse Ultra out its cardboard box and this mouse immediately presents a definite step up for Snakebyte. While the Game:Mouse Pro is a good enough entry into the value gaming market, the newest mouse from Snakebyte makes it feel utilitarian by comparison. Even the neon highlights that weave their way through the braided cord, and into the USB port, target a premium market. This is a mouse that seems set to simply dazzle you with RGB but begins to reveal it’s true colors as it gets to game.

The outer shell of the Game:Mouse Ultra is a mix of firm matt plastics and rubberized side pads that make the device easy to keep hold of in the midst of battle. Fingerprints and other handy gunk are also unlikely to leave a persistent mark with the choice of materials at play here. When the device is in hand, it is reassuringly competent. Everything is in easy reach with the two main buttons, scroll wheel, dpi switch, and side triggers all adequately placed. The triggers hidden underneath these give a decent tactile response when pressed and while we haven’t got the part specifics, they can best be described as tight and responsive, without being overly loud. Travel distance is short and the mouse certainly doesn’t feel like it was designed for trigger happy fingers. It’s obvious that this mouse was built for something better.

Getting Gud

Plugging the mouse in for the first time, the inclusion of RGB becomes quite evident. The top of Snakeybyte’s latest is delineated by an illuminated trail that skims the silhouette of the mouse and comes accompanied by an internal lighting show.

Plugging in the Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra brings the whole device to life all at once. Supported by Snakebyte’s own proprietary software, the RGB lighting that streams around the edges and throughout the core of this peripheral begin to accentuate the full range of the RGB spectrum, in 16.7 million colors. The light show is certainly impressive with the option to set four distinct behaviors. These include a single static color configuration, a breathing effect, and two RGB patterns that cycle at a user prescribed pace.

Make Your Own Way

Arguably the Gaming Mouse Ultra’s standout feature is all about this gamer aesthetic. While other top tier gaming mice come slathered in branding of their respective manufacturer, Snakebyte offers customers across qualifying regions the option to slip off the top plate of the mouse and have a second one laser etched with their very own logo. Whether it’s your favorite game tag, guild emblem, or simply a warning to your rivals, the level of customization is unparalleled. The result, as you’ll see from our twitter post, is a device that is distinctly your own thing and sets it apart from the crowd.

This isn’t the only element that can be configured either. The same software allows each of the six buttons on the Snakebyte offering to be configured. A set of predetermined actions or macro option allow some serious flexibility among a small subset of buttons. This might not have as many hard-wired options as an MMO mouse but the macro mapping bridges the gap. Realistically, MMORPGs are not where the Game:Mouse Ultra will see battle.

I took the Gaming Mouse Ultra into battle across a few different FPS and top-down dungeon crawlers, and it really did impress. The device features 7 DPI settings, each configurable up to 16000DPI, giving it good flexibility when combined with the range button mapping. The response feels accurate and I didn’t encounter any problems with the overall response and movement feels consistent at all times. There is a noticeable lack of cursor drift when lifting the mouse. This solid performance is partly due to the PMW3360 chipset, which you’ll find in the Steelseries 700 series, but is also thanks to other additions. The interchangeable pads on the bottom of the mouse and the range of weights accessible from the bottom of the device make movements deliberate and unhindered.

snakebyte-game mouse ultra rgb

The Misses

The Game:Mouse Ultra isn’t without its own issues. Coming in at around £79.99 or local equivalent, Snakebyte’s top-end comes up against mice like the Steelseries 710 on store shelves. And can seem a little lacking when you check the specs. While the PMW 3360 is arguably a little dated, I really didn’t feel it held me back and there really should be minimal difference until you end up looking for those edge frames in mouse performance.

The RGB and aesthetic is arguably big chunk of the price point here and it would have been fantastic to get custom lighting zones across the Game:Mouse Ultra and the ability to switch between stored profiles outside of the proprietary app is something I’ve become accustomed to with functions like the Logitech G Shift.

When the smoke clears and your team needs carrying, the Game:Mouse Ultra is a serious competitor in the battle for best gaming mouse. It hits all the right notes with good performance, some really nice design details, and a stand out feature that allows you to really game your own way. Get a Snakebyte Game:Mouse Ultra and game your own way. This ultra offering is available now from major online retailers and direct from the official Snakebyte website.


  • great attention to detail
  • surprisingly good tracking
  • custom logo
  • expensive for this feature
  • no on board profile switching
  • one RGB zone
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