Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Vaults Onto Mobile In May

Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is coming to iOS and Android soon. On 7 May the blue blur takes a break from the silver screen to appear on mobiles.

Following the November 2019 release of the console version of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, it looks like SEGA’s mascot is back again but he’s ready to tear up Android and iOS devices this time around. As the official mobile video game of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, this sporty title will feature 15 fantastic Olympic events, including the brand new sports such as Karate and Climbing. Popular characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise also feature in this small-screen competition. As well as the obvious podium participation, players will be able to try out “Extra Events” featuring gimmicks from the Sonic universe too.

Bonus Time

As an arena of sporting achievement, the new Olympic game gives competitive players the chance to shine. Leaderboards will allow players, countries, and regions to compete against each other for glory. Like almost any mobile game, this release comes with the chance to get ahead of your rivals during pre-registration. SEGA is offering up a host of reards for players eager to pre-register before the full release of the title.

▪ 100,000 pre-registrations will unlock the “Ocean View” music track from Team Sonic Racing
▪ 300,000 pre-registrations will unlock Training Points that can be used to unlock events and special skills
▪ 500,000 pre-registrations will unlock the badge featuring Miraitowa, the Tokyo 2020 mascot
▪ If the number of pre-registrations passes 500K, additional rewards will be offered – stay tuned!

While we won’t see Nintendo’s Mario in this mobile sporting game, there is no doubt that this is a distinctly more Japanee take on the Olympic ethos than the good old Summer games titles of yesteryear. You can check out the blue speedster in the official trailer and pre-register on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store right now.


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